Self-Published Authors–Beware of Internet Scams

As the number of self-published books increases at a geometric progression, scams targeting self-published authors are showing up all over the Internet.

We all know how important “spreading the buzz” is to the success of the book you worked hard to publish. Internet scammers know it too and are honing in on unsuspecting self-published authors.

To avoid becoming a victim of Internet fraud, here are a few tips to consider before authorizing a charge to your credit card.

  1. If you receive an email offer touting internet marketing services to promote your book, check the senders email address.  It should originate from a company domain,  (ie. and not from an individual ( ie.
  2. Check the URL of the company website offering the service. It should be easy to access. (ie. )
  3. Read through the entire website with emphasis on how to contact the company. Is there a street address in the U.S.?  A  phone number? A listing of management and their backgrounds?
  4. How do you pay for the service?  Is payment made through a secure provider? (ie. PayPal)  Is there a cancellation policy?
  5. Conduct a Google search of the company. Look for reviews. Has anyone complained about them?  Success stories?

The bottom line—the more you know about the company you’re entrusting to promote your book—the better off you are!

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